Micro Business IT Concerns

I was having a conversation at an event last night and was briefly asked by a solopreneur about what they should be concerned about with their computer.   My comment was that when I talk to a microbusiness or solopreneur (usually 1-3 employees including the owner) that my largest concern is over the protection of company data from catastrophic loss.

  • I frequently find that most entrepreneurs don't have a 'real' backup of their data at all.
  • They have most materials stored on their laptop or desktop or spread across both.
  • They have often copied some of their data onto an external hard drive or a usb stick.
  • They haven't comprehensively reviewed what data they need to save and have likely missed important items.
  • Those external drives or usb sticks are only used occasionally and not regularly verified (Murphy says when they are needed they will have died in the meantime).
  • Those external drives or usb sticks are also often stored in the same location as the computer - meaning they will be stolen with the laptop since they are in the same bag, or burned down with the computer since they are still in the same room.

 The biggest challenge that I feel most entrepreneurs have with this is: 

  1. They aren't IT specialists and don't know what the approach should be.
  2. They don't have the time to assess and find the tools they need.
  3. Most entrepreneurs have a manual process that consumes time and that time is often consumed by other tasks.