Managed Services

Computers slow, applications misbehaving, network problems?

Computers and networks need to be set up correctly, with the appropriate technology, and receive regular maintenance in order to function at the highest efficiency.

Frequently, Elemental Computing finds that customers have placed the management of their IT systems onto a staff member that can only devote part time interest to the job. Elemental Computing can provide you with professional IT services at a fraction of the price of a full time employee, freeing your staff to work on what they do best, make more money.

Elemental Computing also frequently sees companies hiring IT staff on a time and materials basis. This means that the goals of your IT contractor are not aligned with the goals of your company. They are only making money when you are losing it. There is no incentive to improve your operation and maintain maximum efficiency.

Elemental Computing wants to be your IT partner. As a managed services provider we will take care of all of your IT needs for a fixed monthly cost. That means that when things go wrong, it is in everyone’s best interest to correct the problem, and to make sure that the problem doesn’t happen again.