Hardware fails, technology breaks and unexpected problems occur. Are you protected?

My experience is that many companies set up a backup system that is very prone to human error. Someone doesn’t switch the backup drive, or forgets to take the previous drive out of the office with them. The backup system worked the first time, but no one checks it after that.

I have a customer, with an in house cobbled together backup system, whose Quickbooks backup worked exactly once. Every subsequent backup failed to update the data file as it was set to “read-only”. When they had a problem, the backup was so out of date that it was useless.  They found a newer copy archived on the bookkeeper’s PC, but it was still 4 months out of date. The customer engaged Intuit to recover the data file from the corrupted version, at a very high cost, which the customer never had to pay because the file was too damaged to be recovered.

Ultimately the customer had to re-enter 4 months of data from paper records. This was an enormous loss of productivity and capability due to poor backup systems.

Elemental Computing uses the award winning Dell AppAssure backup software to provide a completely automated backup solution. We also partner with eFolder to provide cloud backup for the offsite storage.

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